Quality Assurance Project Plan

A Quality assurance project plan serves as a roadmap for your overall approach to quality on a per-project  basis.

Before the detailed project plan  is drafted, the company QA project plan should be reviewed. Once that is done, and the plan is approved, it can  then be referenced in each individual project plan as the need arises.

Regardless of the project  planning methodology you use, your quality plan will be an integral part of the process for each development project. At  various stages of the project, you will reference the quality plan to ensure that the project deliverables are being created with adherence to the desired  standards.

The term Quality assurance project plan can be  somewhat misleading, so let’s define it first. On the Quality Assurance Plan  page, we listed the components of a comprehensive QA Project Plan.. The plan outline on  that page can be used as a template that can be customized to fit your  organization’s specific needs. The term Quality assurance project plan then,  refers to your project plan with your company-specific quality initiatives referenced within each project phase.

Once completed and  finalized, the Quality Assurance Plan can then be referenced when creating a  project plan.

Using a software development  plan as an example, let’s review a basic project plan outline:

Project  Overview (purpose, scope,  assumptions and constraints, deliverables)

Project  Organizatio (organizational  structure, roles and responsibilities)

Management  Process</strong> (project estimates, project  plan, monitoring and control, risk management)

Technical  Process Plans</strong> (tools and techniques)

Supporting  Process Plans</strong> (configuration  management, documentation, Quality assurance project plan, aka Quality Assurance Plan, problem resolution plan)

As you can see from point 5  in the above outline, the quality plan is a referenced document within the  overall project plan. This is one  approach. You may decide to integrate each quality assurance and quality  control step into the relevant step of the project plan.

There is no hard and fast  rule.  Keep in mind that your goal is to  ensure that you adhere to your quality requirements for each project. If that means that you integrate a Quality assurance project plan within  your overall project plan, rather than simply reference it as an external  document, then use that approach instead.

Remember that your core  purpose is to produce the highest quality product possible, given the time,  money, and resources that you have at your disposal, not just blindly adhere to  a plan that may or may not produce the best possible product.

Having a solid, well  thought-out Quality assurance project  plan will also assist in your internal sales efforts to promote quality  within your company. Your thorough, professional approach to the project and  related quality initiatives will inspire trust and confidence in the decision  makers who will ultimately make the quality function a reality in your  organization.