Quality Assurance Defined

Before you can “assure quality”, it is necessary to define what quality means. Let’s start with two basic definitions:

1. Conformance to Requirements

This is the producer’s ability to create a product according to the client’s stated desires for features and functionality. This is “the producer’s  view of quality”.  In short, it says: “we  did exactly what we were told to do".

2. Fit for Use

This means that the client is happy with the delivered product

The client’s opinion is crucial when it comes to product quality.  When “doing QA”, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being too rigid and  inflexible when matching product features to written requirements.  A client’s desires and wish-lists may change  over time and their initial requirements may be drastically different at the  time of product delivery vs. project initiation.

If we remember the old adage “the  customer is always right”, we start with the right mind-set to begin defining quality.

A Suggested Definition:

"Quality Assurance is the process of adhering to defined standards and procedures in the creation of products while always keeping in mind that the customer is the final judge of product quality."

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