How to Prevent Software Bugs

On this page we'll dig deeper into the Prevention (COQ) category to highlight some cost-saving measures.

This is the category with the highest ROI and is also the toughest sale - because time and money are spent on creating procedures which won't show an immediate return.

The long-term goal is to establish a Quality Management System (QMS) which will support the long-term growth of the business by using standard procedures to create consistently high-quality products.

Your company already has procedures in place to produce products or services.  The question is: do those procedures focus on quantity (and/or speed of delivery) over quality?

To shift the focus from quantity to quality, these attitudes are necessary:

  • a long-term growth view of the business
  • a customer satisfaction focus
  • a willingness to work as a team, sharing responsibility for quality

Since the mission of this site is to assist you in selling QA in your organization, we'll focus on specific ideas to help you make your case.

Prevention Costs

On subsequent pages, we'll review the specific costs and the potential benefits of each:

  • Selling Top Management
  • Establishment of Quality Auditing Process
  • Creation of Quality Improvement Plan
  • Quality Assurance Training for Staff
  • Creation of a Project Selection Process
  • Creation of a Planning Database
  • Implementing Improved Software Development Procedures

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