Director Quality Assurance

The title “Director Quality Assurance” may be  used in some larger organizations to describe a position that has responsibility  for the company-wide policies and procedures governing quality.

Depending upon the company structure, this  position may have many of the same duties and responsibilities as the Quality  Assurance Manager position mentioned elsewhere on this web site.

As a review, below are the  typical QA manager’s job duties along with some additional notes that may distinguish  this position from that of "Director  Quality Assurance.

Supervisory Duties:

Provide necessary definition, development and  deployment of the product quality assurance strategy, addressing all phases of  product development.

Supervise Quality Assurance Team Lead, Quality  Assurance Engineers and Testers including the preparation and delivery of staff  performance evaluations and career development activities.

Manage department and overall expectations pertaining to setting accurate schedules, costs and resources.

Ensure delivery against QA department goals and  objectives, i.e. meeting commitments and coordinating overall quality assurance  schedule.

Note on Supervisory duty #2 above: in a very large  company, it’s conceivable that the “Director  Quality Assurance” position may be directing divisional QA managers who, in  turn, manage the job functions listed above.

Process Management:

Maintain product consistency throughout product cycle  through quality checkpoints and testing.

Develop and manage quality assurance metrics for  performance improvement of all teams.

Implement ongoing quality improvement processes

Project Management:

Manage the planning and execution of product testing  efforts, including all associated resources to meet delivery dates

Provide effective communication regarding issues,  objectives, initiatives and performance to plan.

 Work with Project Managers to develop project  schedules and resource allocation models for QA related projects.

Note on Process and Project Management: These duties  as they relate to the “Director Quality  Assurance” position may be “up one level”. In other words, the director may  have a staff of QA managers directly responsible for these duties within their  own divisions or departments.

As described on the Quality Assurance Manager page, other duties relate to logistics and  inter-departmental relations:

Liaison to other departments

Manage and respond to Software Quality Assurance  issues with related groups such as Development, Database, Integration, and  Customer Support.

Quality Management

Assure the viability, functionality and effectiveness  of essential tools.</li>

Anticipate program release problems and take  corrective action, escalating as needed, to resolve and achieve commitments.

Deployment and Delivery

Orchestrate the delivery of software to Customer environments.

Responsible for creating task and checklists for  software deployment.


Establish and maintain policy for documentation of  all products.

Review documentation before is sent out to customers.

Of the above four areas of  responsibility, probably the Liaison to  other departments</strong> will be a primary focus of the "Director Quality Assurance” position.